I think I will get a terrarium with an aim to making it habitable for domino cockroaches. If I don't get permission from the housing association to keep a creature, I'll keep it just as a plant terrarium.

Hmm, it seems most species of hobby cockroaches need a warmer environment than my home normally is. I don't really want to get heat lamps and pads and things because that defeats the purpose of having a low-maintenance pet.

American cockroaches do fine as long as it's above 4°C, but it might be harder to get permission to keep them, because if they escape they'll happily invade the neighbours' homes. Tropical cockroaches would just die.

I really want a kitty cat! (Not in a terrarium, though, that would be silly.) The main thing putting me off is that I've got nowhere to install a catflap. I want the cat to be able to go outside and have a crap instead of filling my home with a miasma of cronk.

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