Me: "I just need a few more screenshots before I can upload my next video!"
Also me: [spends two hours finding a 1986 magazine article for three seconds of footage]

Grant me the confidence of the ebay seller selling an "untested" sms1 (because they 'don't have cables') at the exact same time as selling a different "tested" SMS1.

Business idea, donuts but like salt and shake crisps you get a bunch of filling sachets to inject.

The Paypal "Protect yourself from scams" email arriving directly after the Paypal "Apply for our credit card" email was a nice touch

Those speculating if there will be a queue when Charles dies are obviously kidding themselves. Of course there won't be.

It'll be a Kinue.

Yes running a marathon is impressive but have you ever been a Brit scrolling down a news site this week trying to get to the actual news?

Spare a thought for Scottish landlords for whom "Doing literally nothing while someone buys you a house" will now happen marginally slower.

Presumed YouTube Research : Wikipedia
Real YouTube Research : Watching a thirty year old Japanese promo VHS in order to determine if a planned throwaway joke is factually accurate.

Definition of successful baking, making sufficiently little mess you can clean it before the cake finishes baking.

If I may offer one cooking tip, for at least three reasons do not accidentally burn cauliflower cheese.

It's been a weird month. A chum spotted one of my two missing SMS UK games in a Spanish retro store for half ebay, a loft find resulted in my being gifted a super fami and JP PS1 and then someone listed US exclusive Kings Quest as the only game with an SMS1 they also found in the loft and I ended up winning that auction for a price that essentially made the untested SMS 1 free. The untested SMS1 is basically perfect. Score!

I'm guessing all of you with normal houses it's now a sensible temperature?

Good news for all of you previously confused by the user interface of "Salt"


Imagine how bad you have to be to be described as being “on the Tory right”. Like being the one they describe as “a bit stabby” at MurderCon 22.

Forza Horizon meta game suggestion. Complete drift zones as quick as possible without scoring a single drift point.

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