I have started work on a game that I've been planning for a while, and now I'm working with a writer (the brilliant Paul Rose - yes THAT one!) and started character designs, both backstory and graphics.

Visual style is "low res cartoon". Play style is tricky to describe. Think, Golden Axe crossed with Dizzy or Zelda 2.

There's a birdsite account set up for it, twitter.com/SQW3000 , and here's Lexi, a warrior princess who has a potentially magic mini scythe!

managed 20 minutes in the office to get this finished I think I have a good handle on the art style I want now, and the breeze swaying her skirt adds more shape to her too.

More progress on Lexi, our warrior princess. Started on her idle animation, hair is successfully waving in the breeze now.

Working on my warrior princess character. Bit more progress today.

The pixel art course I'm doing is going well, teletext has served me well in learning how to get recognisable detail in super low res, so here's a bit of my progress. A slime enemy movement animation for an upcoming project...

Our kiddo loves snakes, dragons, dinosaurs... She drew a "gargantuan leviathan". She's 11. No tracing or reference material used for this one. I'm a tad jealous 😂

Doing a special Bisexual Birthday Bonanza stream tonight for @bunty 💖 9pm twitch.tv/NikkiandBunty

This is a screenshot of the game "Coronation Street: The Mystery of the Missing Hotpot Recipe". Described by some as one of the worst games ever... If you're around tonight at 9ish (UK time) we'll be playing it on twitch.tv/NikkiandBunty and you're more than welcome to come join our descent into whatever mental state it forces us into.

I'm slightly scared.

What shall we do tonight, Brain?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Do some !

Some of Doctor Strange. Super low res, very limited colour pallete (3 bit)

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