Top tip for old retro folk: reproduce the look of a CRT on your modern LCD by taking your glasses off

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@nikki @HunterZ My eyes are getting less short sighted with age, I’ve finally reached the sweet spot where this works for vr but I don’t keep falling over.

@nikki Recreate the feeling of using a classic Atari 2600 joystick for more than half an hour by beating your hand with a rock.

@nikki Top tip for retro folk: Don't bother with the Amstrad GX4000, it's rubbish.

@devlin @yesterzine @nikki Oh no problem with the Amstrad computers, just the GX4000 and Emailer. 😅

@leemccat @devlin @yesterzine @nikki in my mind, the emailer only exists in the Argos Cinematic Universe.

@yesterzine @nikki @leemccat dear amstrad gx4000, you are crap, and your more powerful real computer family were better ;)

@yesterzine @devlin @nikki do we reckon it's better than the Commodore 64 console? At least you can play the pack in game.

@devlin @leemccat @nikki also they didn’t end up gutting the gx4000 inventory to make other machines.

@nikki Recrate the feeling of waiting for a game to load from tape by playing an EA game!

@nikki Screenshots with expired polaroid film for that 1980's magazine look.

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