Low resolution B&W of Captain Picard saying his famous catchphrase "Make it be like that".

(yes it's wrong on purpose)

@nikki Well duh, of course it is. Everybody knows he really said "Realize my vision!"

@mcchessers "It's alive, but not in the way we're familiar with."

@nikki "Survive for a very long time and do well while you're at it."

@mcchessers @nikki

I liked it when he used to say:

"Cause those things to occur"

And then they'd all go to the ready room for Ready Brek.

@nikki "Night time, the last barrier. These are the daily routes of the public sector sky bus!"

@nikki "Guinan, don't you recognise me? I saved your life in the 19th century. Also, why do you look different?"

Oh hang on, he didn't say that. He should have though.

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