✨ With the Queen's Jubilee coming up and the current state of the government, please make sure you check in on your communist/socialist friends in the UK during these difficult times. ✨

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Because hoo-boy I've got a grump on and no mistake.

@ephemeromorph Fuck yeah, like that Nazi who dropped dead like a bag of shit while giving a Nazi speech.

@guffo Hopefully BoJo immediately Budd Dwyers before the broadcast gets but.

@ephemeromorph Bojo staggers out on stage with a bottle of prossecco in one hand and a revolver in the other, blows her Maj's fucking brains out, then yells "Report on my fucking dick, Sue!" and Budd Dwyer's himself into the history books.

@guffo In the chaos, Prince Chuck sneaks over to his mum's corpse and grabs her crown, then scurries away.

@ephemeromorph He then stands there, wearing the crown and cackling like when Starscream briefly becomes leader of the Decepticons before Galvatron arrives and murders him. I've forgotten where this metaphor was going.

@guffo @ephemeromorph I think I missed the part where they all start fucking handfuls of their own shit but no one can tell them to stop because there in parliament and have called their dicks "the honourable members for fucking shitsdale"

@guffo @ephemeromorph did you see the flags down Regent Street? It looks like the fucking Nuremberg Rally.

@leemccat @ephemeromorph I did. I mean...flying the flag on a street in the capital during a jubilee, I kind of get. What I fucking hate is all the dickwads yelling "EVERY STREET SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS AT ALL TIMES"

@guffo @ephemeromorph I'm still pissed about my neice and nephew having to take part in the shite. Because they're British, you see.

@ephemeromorph @guffo is it considered an assassination if somebody just makes a large noise and off she pops?

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