You know that 'Bionic Reading' thing that's supposed to be easier for some people to read? It's behind a $500 a month API, so someone made a free alternative:

I regret posting this. I know I made it public, but I still didn't expect it to travel further than this instance.

@ephemeromorph .. I saw this via Simon Wardley on the hellfeed, and like him I am not convinced by the idea... I suspect it is just a make money quick tech scheme; so I'd expect some legal wah for that site soon :(

@ephemeromorph hi, i saw that tumblr post earlier too, just want to say it isn’t behind a paywall and is free to use. see somebody else’s reply explaining here

According to their website they registered a patent, copyright, and tradmark in like 10 countries though lol. Even if they're not overly litigious and just wanted those to protect them from being ripped off by big tech companies, in many countries you have to enforce your parents and copyrights against everybody (including tiny FOSS projects not hurting anybody) or else the court can nullify the registration.

IMO it's their thing so they can do what they want with it; but if they were actually trying to help people they could've made the algorithm and/or software itself free for everyone and just sold access to their hosted service or service packages for their software like many companies do.


@nytpu @ephemeromorph ok! i don’t necessarily disagree with that but i also don’t completely understand it. my post was exclusively to point out that the original toot implies that the service being offered in the neocities site is behind a $500 paywall in the original site, which is just factually untrue. it’s free! i didn’t write the tumblr post i linked, i can’t comment on everything that user said, it was just the best summary i saw. thx ✌️

Oh yeah I agree with you and the Tumblr post that saying the service is behind a paywall is just a flat-out lie. The service is free for any reasonable individual person, I'm sure I could process my whole ebook library using their free API limits


@ephemeromorph Thanks for that. Also there's an attempt at something else too:

They've already gotten threats from BR. They're publishing a Chrome extension that's still awaiting approval, and will be publishing PDF and ePub processing tools as well.

@ephemeromorph I like how they person wrote "You guys are getting paid for this?" 🤣

@ephemeromorph still, you got the phrase "toilet full of bugs" to appear in many folks timelines, so that's a plus

@ephemeromorph I love you. SO much. I love you. I have diagnosed adhd. And this is going to be so nice for me. thank you
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