How do you pronounce FAQ?

@ephemeromorph My German monkey brain reads "fuck", but when I say it out loud, I say "eff-ay-queue".

My ex coworkers used to say "eff-age-queue" like there was a H in it instead of an A. It drove me nuts!

Sorry for double post; my sausage finger accidentally hit send in the middle of typing!

@ephemeromorph my dad used to tell me, "never be a fack-man, son. We don't fack in this family. You spell it out every gosh darn time."

@ephemeromorph I've always internally pronounced it fack but I switch to eff ay cue when I'm talking to other people and they get puzzled looks

@cincodenada I'm almost always team fack, but I've stopped adding that section and now add "Preemptive Q&A" since it's more accurate.

@ephemeromorph I answered 1, but my pronunciation is more like faak, with a long a.

@scruss Same. All these people spelling it out have the brain worms. It's totally 'fack'!

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