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Ephemeromorph = an organism that cannot be classified as animal or vegetable.

I'm Voybridge and I probably will toot about:
- Bibeogaem I'm playing
- The ongoing ineptitude of my cow-irkers
- Cool bugs I see
- Judas Priest
- Farting

Oh oops lol, you just have to inspect the fleet control room and that gives you the frigate fuel recipe!

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Oh cool! Your freighter inventory does get wiped if you die, but your freighter base doesn't. I guess that means any planet-side bases you build don't get wiped either.

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I guess we're being encouraged to do lots of salvage missions (which occasionally drop frigate modules as a reward), which we have to do anyway to get the somnal dust.

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I don't understand how we're meant to do freighter missions in this expedition, when the recipe for frigate fuel is locked behind research that normally needs freighter missions to complete! Maybe the recipe will be a hidden reward later.

Heck yeah, we completed the first universal loop! (On PS4 - dunno if other platforms track progress separately or if we're all in it together.)

Me in the shop: Shall I buy a punnet of grapes? No, I like grapes but I dunno if I £2.10 like them.
Me later at home: I wish I'd bought some grapes.

Actually, why do we have X? What can it do that KS or Z can't? Fuck off X.

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There's no need for the letters C or Q to exist in English.

C can be replaced by K (if hard) or S (if soft). CH can be replaced by TSH. Try saying 'much'. It's the same as if you said 'mutsh'.

Q can be replaced by K, KY or KW, depending on sound.

Chocolate = tshokolat (because that final 'e' isn't doing anything, so it can fuck off too)
Queen = kween (or kwene, which is how it was originally spelled before the Norman conquest (konkwest))

The cat's favourite water is the droplets inside my mum's shower unit after she's used it. Soapy human-flavoured water, licked off the walls, is best water, apparently.

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Cat: Oh no, there is a tiny bit of dust on my indoor water dish, I can't possibly drink from that.

Also cat: Mmm, manky puddle of rain water [slorp slorp]

Cat food already smells of farts before it's been inside a cat.

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There's a cat on my lap (yay) but he's doing rancid burps (unyay).

plans: scan all fauna in the starting system. Scans are preserved between loops, so if you've scanned all fauna on a planet in a previous loop, you can turn that in on the current loop for free nanites.

If I get shot at by pirates while on foot again, I'll just exit the game - better to lose a bit of progress since my last save than go right back to the beginning. I don't mind dying from my own overconfidence, but encountering pirates while a pedestrian is a bullshit way to die.

Just when I was thinking I'd got it made and wouldn't die again because I had enough upgrades.

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Pirates came out of nowhere and gunned me down while I was exploring on foot - what a bullshit way to die!

Humans are 99.1% genetically identical. We're less genetically diverse than chimps.

Work bulbery (apparent lack of theory of mind) 

I should point out that this isn't a standard template doc where I should have expected a specific layout. It's something cow-irker made up. I was supposed to magically infer that she'd made a layout that didn't match what was in her head.

(There is a non-bulb reason why I had to print it instead of cow-irker printing it herself, by the way.)

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Work bulbery (apparent lack of theory of mind) 

Cow-irker: Please print Dicksplash.docx.
Me: Dunnit.
Cow-irker: Oh, wait... We didn't want the columns to be that width.
Me: Bummer. I assumed you'd set it up the way you wanted it.
Cow-irker: We thought you'd change it before you printed it.

??? I'm not bloody psychic!

That's not simply autistic (me) and NT (cow-irker) confusion, is it? That's just bloody stupidity.

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