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Ephemeromorph = an organism that cannot be classified as animal or vegetable.

I'm Voybridge and I probably will toot about:
- Bibeogaem I'm playing
- The ongoing ineptitude of my cow-irkers
- Cool bugs I see
- Judas Priest
- Farting

is kinda making me want to play Skyrim again. Parts of the landscape look very Skyrim, and I have a lot of fond memories of that game.

"I'll just have a little nap" I thought, then promptly slept for 12 hours. It's now 7pm and I've completely messed up my sleep schedule. How's your fucking Sunday gone?

I wonder how much of Horizon Forbidden West's story was already written when Horizon Zero Dawn was being made. They feel like disc 1 and disc 2 of one huge game.

Phew! I got it sorted. Turns out that because I now have the domain registered with Host B, it's within my power to set the nameservers to Host B. I just couldn't see how to do it - the support team told me, and the option is buried under 'modify whois'. I wouldn't have thought to look in there!

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Baddies in Horizon: "I love walking in a predictable circuit around our base full of explosive barrels! I sure hope there isn't a stealth archer with fire arrows hiding in the bushes; that would ruin my day!"

I think the Horizon devs didn't realise how huge wild boars are. The wild boars in those games are about the size of real peccaries, and the in-game peccaries are the size of housecats!

Fuck it, eat the whole Christmas pudding. You might get eaten by a shark tomorrow!

I think I fucked up! I moved my domain from Host A with Cloudflare (ugh) nameservers, to Host B, and I deleted the domain from my Cloudflare account. I assumed that would automatically update the nameservers. But now the domain is stuck in nameserver limbo: it's not using Host B's namesevers, and I have no means of updating it because it's gone from my Host A and Cloudflare accounts. Have asked Host B if they can unfuck it somehow.

Work bulbery (Read what I fucking wrote) 

I'm the plum! Turns out the letters aren't the same between me and them.

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Work bulbery (Read what I fucking wrote) 

Me to IT support company: Please can you restore the files that were in the folder X:\Dicksplash?
IT supports company: ['restores' (as in makes a copy of] the entire contents of Drive Y (not X)]

Minor thing that boils my piss: lists of things that begin with 'e.g.' and end with 'etc.' You need only one of those! Using one makes the other redundant!

Mum gave Mr Cat a piece of lovely chicken breast as a treat. He sniffed it and then gagged! Evidently, he prefers snouts and anuses in aspic.

Horizon Forbidden West spoilers (though it won't mean much out of context), spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn 

I don't understand what Adamantine Wreath was supposed to accomplish. I get that the Farobots couldn't consume the metal flowers as fuel, but what were the metal flowers supposed to do? Somehow kill the bots?

The spider that crawled over the Queen's coffin had no idea that it was the coffin of a VIP human because it's a spider and all humans are alike to it. Similarly, you could have the King of Spiders in your house and you never knew because it looks like any other spider to you.

I dreamed last night that I was trying to buy barrels of dangerous chemicals so I could make a big explosion, just for shits and giggles. I was having a cunt of a time trying to buy the chems and find a venue willing to let me detonate my big explosion. I was most annoyed!

King penguins and emperor penguins look pretty much the same as adults, but their babies are quite different. King penguin chicks are brown all over, and emperor chicks are pale grey with black and white heads.

Imagine if there were two kinds of humans like that. All the same as adults but one set of humans has, like, bright orange babies or something.

Imagine if slugs moved the same way seals move on land. Bob bob bob bob bob

Not enough post-apocalyptic games have bicycles in them. They require no power and are way easier to fix than cars!

I hope there's a Horizon game or DLC in which you play as Sylens. That guy is the protagonist almost as much as Aloy!

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