And this is probably why there'll never be a Perfect Cube, but they're really trying. Really really trying. And it means every time I treat myself to a new one every few years it's like, wow, this is SO much better, how did I live with the old ones?!

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See, as an engineering problem it's quite interesting. You want every side to be extremely easy to turn, very smooth, but at the same time you also need the thing to hold together, and also be stable, and never lock up or explode, and controllable too. Oh and light is also a bonus. And some of these engineering goals are clearly in conflict with each other.

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Okay my fancy new state of the art (actually technically it's already out of date, but it's still Nearly State of the Art) speedcube arrived today and it's lovely. It's actually amazing watching the technology progress. You'd think there'd be no real way to make "better" cubes but you'd be dead wrong.

And yet despite all this, and despite having loads of speed cubes, I am STILL taking delivery of Yet More tomorrow. I guess I just like collecting them now? The trick is remembering what each of them are when they all look basically the same.

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... but the big thing at this stage is supposed to be "slow down, look ahead" where you stop trying to go fast and instead focus on continually finding the next thing so you can just keep going, never really having to stop to "have a look around" etc. I know this, and yet cannot be bothered doing it. Agh.

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To get into that 10-20 speed I would need to learn how to solve the cross in the inspection phase, but my limited working memory makes that basically impossible. I also need to practice the Big Fancy Algorithms until they're super fast, AND learn a load more....

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I'm kicking off my speedcubing obsession again. I never really make any progress, I get down to around 25 seconds and then just hit the wall, but I still love playing with the things. I think my ADHD-addled brain just needs something for my hands to do.

birdsite thoughts 

A thing I've realised from coming to Masto a second time: First time it was really obvious what a pumping, vibrant place the birdsite was. This time they basically feel the same, it's just... dead. Probably just been algorithmed into Maximum Insignificance but... oof what a joyless place it's become.

(And I've been wanting to have a Technopuppetry stream but could never really figure out the concept, just making technopuppets without being able to use them for anything was unsatisfying, but now I have the option to stream making videos for other platforms, and THAT sounds like a fun time to me!)

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(sorry I appreciate very few people have the context for what I'm talking about: I use SteamVR tracking with a bunch of custom tech to do real time puppetry of digital characters running in Unity, I call them Technopuppets, it's kinda the absolute bargain basement cheapo versoin of what the Henson Company can do. I used it for the animated characters in my Goots to my Roots music video, and sometimes use it on Twitch and.. now Tiktok)

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Okay cool I just did a quick stream to test I could record with one instance of OBS and stream with another, and managed to get through the full technopuppet duet workflow. Nothing broke! It just works!

In fact being honest I should probably come up with the characters before I start building them, right? Again, like I did with Gaemsmaster! THe character informs how they should look, or at least should. I just want to start taking this seriously, I feel a bit bad about wasting such genuinely cool tech on half-arsed rubbish :(

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So I'm working on trying to make another Gaemsmaster Tier Technopuppet. By this I mean with my best quality modelling but ALSO with a clearly defined and understandable character and narrative. This is where I've fallen over since Gaemsmaster, I just have some puppets, it's sadly not enough. :(

Have discovered you can run multiple instances of OBS which is a game changer: Means I can stream making TikTok duets, I can do them live on Twitch, the full end to end workflow. That's very very exciting.


Well I sneezed while twisted and ripped a muscle in my back which has made today hard going. Happily responding to over the counter pain meds though so hopefully this is just a little one this time :(

Am turbo glonked, definitely going into hibernation for a bit to try to get my brain recharged!

Yesssssssssssssssssss been waiting for this day for a whole year!!

I've figured out how to do Tiktok duets using video footage from my PC (instead of just recording live with my phone) and this is going to result in my Golden Age of social media, I can just tell.

Anyway this is why I'm spending my weekend mowing the neighbour's lawns.

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