Random thought: can you get Plan B for dogs?

Do you say "scoot scoot" out loud when your pet scratches their butt across the floor or are you normal?

I'm on a boat. Brian Blessed is also on the boat.

This afternoon my kiddo and I did our duty to help nature by blowing all the dandelion clocks we could find. The green looked like it had snow on it 😄

This evening's plans:
1. Make and eat a delicious dinner
2. Give myself a manicure
3. Watch Better Call Saul
4. Sleeeeeeeeeep.

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Selfie with eye contact; political ideology 

Often anti social
Always anti Tory ✌️

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Time to share some of my work I think. I make all kinds of needle felt and sculpture. From simple flowers to large rainbow roosters. Below 1. Rose bud broaches. 2. Needle cushion in a teacup. 3. 2D picture (an interpretation of the valley I live in) 3. Miniature duck wearing wellies (no one sane attempts duck feet that small using fluff!) #art

I like it here in Gay City. It's like stepping outside into the quiet, cool night air after being stuck in a loud, stuffy, overwhelming nightclub.

Botanical post, text has *very* mild mentions of genitalia and faecal matter 

I spotted a particularly photogenic example of a cuckoo pint on my walk this morning.They're a common sight here in England, and I think they're beautiful. Fun facts: The word "pint" comes from the old English "pintle" meaning penis. And the flower is said to give off a poo like smell. I won't test that theory!

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You know when people see fat cats and they are all "oh wow look at you handsome chonky boi!" or they see a disabled animal and they just want to help it live its best life. They see a dog in one of those doggy wheelchairs and they are all "oh that's so cool she's living her best life now!"

Why aren't we like that with people?

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Hey topspicy.social folks! I thought I'd write up a few tips to make us super welcoming and lovely in this new place. It's quite different to That Other Place and as we pride ourselves on being welcoming and inclusive, there are some things on mastodon that folk really appreciate.

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Life goals.

For those not in the know, in the topspicy.social world Top Spicy = good and Bottom Bland = bad

Thank a cheap NES on a chip dance mat for Top Spicy. And I think it was @Mouw who came up with Bottom Bland.

Copperplate using mechanical pencils.

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Kiddo (11) wants to watch "Manos" the Hands of Fate. So that's what we're watching. It's so bad 😖 😖 even with the treatment

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