Oh and don't get me started on trying to get cute plus sized clothing in charity shops! 😩 It seems that once you get to 16+, it all becomes old granny clothes. I want cute summer dresses and tops that suit me dang it! 😅

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And for certain things, like records, I'd rather spend the extra £ or two and get it from an actual record dealer who knows how to appraise things than someone who just looked on ebay and saw one for sale for loads.

Don't get me wrong, I've got my fair share of bargains from these shops (like I found a dualshock 3 controller for £3 today! 😊) but it just seems to be harder and harder to find.

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There's a new charity shop that opened this week! 😀 and it's full of the same rubbish as the other stores and seems to be more expensive than the other ones nearby. 😕

I know that this makes me sound entitled but like I just don't get charity shops that seem to look up ebay for prices and just knock a pound or two off that price.

Like there's another store that does that and they've had a book that's sat in a cabinet for almost a year because of this.

Going to hang out on here rather than on Twitter as "The Algorithm" just seems to be giving me negative news every other post. 😕

Ah anyway, I bought some 35mm film for my £5 camera, the filpping film cost more than the camera! 😅 No idea if I've got the film in correctly mind. We'll see when I get it developed.

Heh and the best thing is that I’ve got a week off at the end of the month! 😁

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I know I’ve just had over a week off but it’s nice to have an extra day off! ☺️

Just had a random thought. Why can't music streaming services have a "Music from your local area" playlist to help smaller and indie bands get some notice?

Like I'd totally check out some local bands. 😀

Hey everyone! I’m fairly new here but it seems nice 🙂.
Silly question but can you create a private account sort of like twitter?

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