Hackathon fyrir gögn úr Bókatíðindum? Góð eða slæm hugmynd?

As someone who is into more practical swimwear — the kind you can actually swim in — I feel very curious about the ads I've been seeing online for bikini sets with an included garter belt.

There is a handful of countries I've been to that share the same eery feeling of hatred induced trauma.

The United States is the only one of those that has not had a civil var in living memory.

Hey nerds. Is there a straightforward way to add and summarise estimated hours for Github Project items?

Today at work I was asked to “have a look at that broken amplifier and see if it might be repairable.” When I enquired the symptoms, I was told “well, sparks come out the front when it turns on.”
Reader, this did not fill me with confidence for a prospective repair.
#tinkering #ADayInTheLifeOfS0

Yesterday, I thought I was getting myself a pair of white socks. They were baby blue when I came home.

Thanks Karstadt. Kanks.

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Department stores should be legally required to replace their current cheapo lighting with high CRI (colour rendering index) lamps, so we can at least see the colour of the socks we're buying.

musk, transphobia, buying twitter, timeline 

Catch me if I'm wrong, but here's the timeline on Musk buying Twitter *plus* the transphobia stuff so far:
- Musk's kid comes out as trans to family it seems? (backporting that info)
- Musk complains: pronoun use is annoying
- Grimes tries to get a public apology
- Musk doesn't apologize, starts posting more stuff in that category
- Grimes starts dating *Chelsea Manning*
- Musk ups the amount of transphobic content
- Babylon bee kicked off Twitter for transphobic article, Musk says later this is what convinced him to buy Twitter
- Musk starts musing out loud on the internet that he should buy twitter for "free speech" reasons
- Musk buys a bunch more stake in Twitter, more or less makes a public offer on this over Twitter itself
- Twitter board initially pushes back on the idea
- Musk starts demeaning the board and high-level Twitter employees very publicly on Twitter while increasing his brag about how he can fix everything
- Twitter board reverses course: you know what, let's take all that money
- Musk formally makes the offer
- Musk talks more about how he's going to fix all the spam, bots, etc *while* also absolutely free speech, everything is allowed filter mechanism unclear
- Starts backpedaling: well, he can't buy it unless certain positions are upheld, starts complaining about fake users
- He already signed it though, poison pill clause means he may be on the hook to pay even if he tries to back out
- A lot more waffling on whether or not Twitter is being forthcoming about information not required ahead of time it seems?
And then in about one day:
- Outing (in a crappy article) about Musk's kid being trans
- Twitter signs deal to sell to Musk
- Musk lays off Tesla employees for vague reasons related to the economy

Did I get that timeline right?

Plan for this summer:

1. Make merry
2. Acquire currency
3. Read more books

My girlfriend is going to sample the Megahertz Mania episode of Computer Chronicles for a song.

This is going to be something.

Hey y'all show me your laptop stickers! I'm thinking of buying some and I'm looking for inspiration :blobcat:

Boosts welcome!

bad floss opinion 

documentation is absolutely undervalued and unappreciated by *nix users.
they love feeling like wizards who know all the arcana.

why else would they flock to a system as horribly documented at Linux?

if i want to know how something works, i read a Solaris or BSD man page.

if i want to feel stupid i can read a Linux man page. if i want to feel utterly frustrated i could try to read the GNU info page.

if i want to feel hopeless, i can read a venture capital funded corporate open source tool's documentation website.

"if you don't like it, fork it" is the software equivalent of "if you hate it here, just move"

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