The web dev industry’s strategy of trying to discover best practices through broad population surveys (e.g. “State of…”) is just so utterly off-base.

What do you think the result would be like if you surveyed all carpenters, hobbyists, students, masters etc., to discover best practices in carpentry?

The fitness equipment industry, their bloated apps and their inability to provide usable GPX or TCX files with a web interface without funnelling it through a third party is outstandingly shitty and should be made illegal.

Eye contact selfie. Thirst. 

My hobby is being hot or something.

"Will Serving Real HTML Content Make A Website Faster? Let's Experiment!" by Scott Jehl

Surprise: sending HTML is faster than sending JavaScript that renders that same HTML.

The real question, I think, is whether such SPA-like patterns actually result in faster subsequent interactions, since that's the whole value proposition. The assumption is that the high upfront cost is justified by lower costs for long-lived sessions.

I've edited OpenStreetMap to accurately reflect the awful construction at the end of my street and now every courier is making my house the first stop of the day.

Yay, I guess?

Kink community rant. 

The FetLife experience in a nutshell:

"Hi. I am a 20 year old dom with a new profile and I have not contributed to the kink or queer communities in an reasonable way. I also live on the US West Coast and don't travel. Would you like to add me on here?"

I'm updating my resume and recruiter platform profiles and I've come to the conclusion that especially for those of us who pivoted into tech or have been moonlighting with school, years of experience is not an accurate indicator at all.

The history of almost every non-trivial field is full of dead ends and bad ideas that were impossible to predict before the fact. Genuinely reasoning about the field from first principles will lead you into one of these dead ends

This is why it isn't uncommon for people who genuinely engage in reasoning from first principles to end up as cranks or conspiracy theorists. You need a justification of why your intellectual dead end isn't actually a dead end to assuage your cognitive dissonance

Ketosis is weird. It's like finding a ROM hack or a memory address cheat for your metabolism.

For anyone mocking Scandinavians, keep it mind that Norwegians tone their speech in an upbeat major key while Swedes tone in a sad-ish minor key.

Held ég nái ekki að klára þennan lestur á meðan ég er á landinu.

So apparently, consumer inkjet printers use RGB profiles because normal people can't be trusted with colours?

Oh, we're not done! After creating a new document, I now have a "welcome" modal, which really reminds me of Windows 95 again.

And this is the Adobe InDesign onboarding process.

One would assume that huge corporate entities like Adobe would have figured things like this out, but they really have not.

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The default measurement unit InDesign uses is Picas, which may be okay but I've never heard a printer (a trandesperson working in print) mention any other sizes for margins and such in anything but millimeters.

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Oh, It's hidden behind a hard-to-find "view all presets" chevron menu.

It still has "compact disc" there along with Legal-Half, A5, A4 and A3, which makes me think if those are complete afterthoughts even if this is what the most of the world uses.

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I guess A-series sheet sizes are there, somewhere, so I start scrolling through all the fancy templates they've placed there but I can't find the A5 size that I am looking for and should be one of the defaults given the locale settings.

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