All I really want to do is play video games, eat snacks, and cum occasionally. Why does life make this so difficult?

"BuT wE dIdN't NeEd WaRnInGs ThAt ThE sUn Is HoT!!!"

No, you just needed government-produced short films telling you not to drown in manure...

Due to demand, we're adding some of our jingles to Zedge so that our listeners can download them as ringtones!

Check out TemporalDiscussion’s profile from @Zedge

Selfie with eye contact 

Waiting diligently outside Union Chapel, in the rain, to see these two gents. Anybody who's familiar with their podcast will appreciate how appropriate the choice of venue is.

MAJOR Spoiler for Rescue Rangers: the Movie 

Trailer Sonic is in the movie!

Minor spoilers for Rescue Rangers movie 

The film is different, but it has the spirit of the cartoon. All the rescue rangers are present, but the film mainly follows Chip and Dale as they solve a kidnapping case.

It's incredibly silly, but good fun. There's a few really good cameos - especially an extended cameo from a certain character from a certain other trailer that experienced backlash - and I defy anyone to guess who the main villain is!

All in all a fun way to spend 100 minutes.

After 30 odd years, Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been officially replaced as my favourite film of all time.

All it took was Everything...


All At Once.

Bizarre, slightly rude 

I made this when I was learning to give my videos a VHS look. It was inspired by @nikki and her lovely wife @bunty.

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