It's finally here... 41 minutes covering a whole load of non-Mega Drive versions of Hard Drivin' and vintage rendering tricks.

And who else is going to give you a video with a chapter titled "Alan Sugar's Electronic Discotheque", eh?

If you order a 'chip butty' in America, they bring you an arse full of crisps.

growing up autistic is fun because everyone is like "wow you're so smart" because you know a lot of big words and so you test well in school but then you get into the real world and you can't take care of yourself or socialize or do anything that an adult needs to do and you realize that you're actually like, disabled and nobody wanted to tell you because they think being disabled is bad

Dog noises in ascending order of dog size:

- Yip yip
- Bow-wow
- Arf
- Woof
- Bork
- Boof

I need some sort of spoon-o-meter that flashes a light at me when I'm running out.

Wonder if I can train the cat?

Anyway. I saw that Gravitar is up next and oof, does that look rough.

I am desperate for a Gravitar/Thrust-a-like that's not crap, not offending my eyes and portable since I retired the Vita but guess I'm going to have to wait even longer.

(Ideally Thrust Extreme or Gravitron but neither of those are going to happen)

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With the flatter difficulty, the recharged games don't really manage either. Perhaps that does work for folk? Dunno! Does nowt for me.

I do end up going back a few times when I'm really bored just to admire the pretties tho.

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I ended up flitting between the arcade, 2600 and recharged versions of Centipede and I was surprised by how stark a difference there was between old and new. Even though it's ostensibly doing the same thing, hammering away at mushrooms is a slog in the new one. It's a few notches slower and that alone is enough to give a feeling of slow attrition.

Obv, speaking for my own preferences here but when I design around a single life, it's to up the risk and speed of a game somewhat.

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I know, I know, *skinsuit of Atari* just I was really disappointed by the Recharged games but at least for the most part they looked decent.

Black Widow has nothing on Sokurah's take but it did *really* look the part.

Unfortunately, playing it just, well, you know. Same problem with all the series so far in that the changes often seemed arbitrary rather than to the game's benefit and - for me, at least - buried the stuff that I liked about the originals

I enjoyed the handful of Nicker/Adam-vision cheapo games I've played prior so even though it's the shambling husk of Atari, I had *some* hopes that they wouldn't disappoint.

Alas. The 'puzzle' modes are a drag and the one life only arcade modes have stripped the games bare of their rhythm. The difficulty is flat so it's a game of endurance rather than skill. Which probably suits someone but not me. I'm cool with easy, I just want entertaining somehow.

In my Elden Ring journal I've only just beaten the first boss, and got to the entrance to the first dungeon, but I was treated to the most spectacular view in the game so far.

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I don't know how to explain to people on Hellbird how much I don't care what the usual bunch of racists and all round bigots tweet about Dr Who casting.

Overdid it yesterday so now I've got a cat clamping me down all the time.

Might overdo it a bit more if this is the result. It's great.

Will I ever get tired of listening to the rain bounce off the conservatory roof? (no, never)

Favourite days.

Inconsequential griping 

Really regretting forgetting to take pills before I came out today. Ouchie.

Oh yeah, this new one comes with built in "that giant animal is in fact another cunning mechanical ruse" detection.

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Like, do you need to upgrade to a new number word number robot each year to keep on top of security updates?

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Bored. Trying to work out if 7 Zark 7 was a model number or a name.

Pages 46 and 47 of the Elden Ring journal. A slightly overdone sketch of one of the most magical moments in the game. In any game!

Seriously, don't look if you have any ambition to play the game yourself one day.

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