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Oh I'm also a non binary grey-a going by they/them pronouns

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A bit of an overdue

I suffer from anxiety/depression/cPTSD/OCD but I try not to let them rule my life. Although that's bloody difficult at times.

I love

I'd love to connect with like minded people and with people who suffer from MH issues too.

No one should suffer with MH issues alone.

I love this place. Everyone I've encountered in the so far have been so lovely.

Something's wrong. I actually feel ok today.

This is horrible. It's not how things are supposed to be!

Try adding a little instant coffee to chicken soup. I hate you, you goddamn moron flesh bag.

Does anybody out there take mirtazapine and get serious restless legs?

If you do is there anything that helps relieve it?

me trying not to profusely apologize after enforcing a boundary even though I didn't say anything particularly mean and the other person wasn't upset with me at all

I can't move to the Fediverse properly until I reproduce my famous pinned post from the birdsite, so here it is:

P.S.A. To all vintage computer and video game collectors:

Go through your collections and GET THE DAMN BATTERIES OUT!

Now! Don't wait! Seriously, put down the phone, go to your collection and take out all the batteries. Right now! Even if they look "okay" they are NOT SAFE after this much time.

blood test fail 

Today I had to have some blood taken and this time it was a student doing it.

Unfortunately she couldn't find the vein after pushing and pulling back the needle multiple times.

I started to feel nauseous as this went on then felt very sweaty and faint. I ended up passing out in the chair and woke up to the student and the teacher hovering over me.

That was a fun experience 😅

Then I still had to have the blood taken.

homophobia, important 

Please keep an eye out for people trying to brand monkeypox as a "gay disease", explicit or otherwise, and push back hard and early!

I've already started seeing the same kind of "the damn gays fucking everywhere" rhetoric that also popped up during the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. That rhetoric was directly responsible for (tens of?) thousands of deaths.

We absolutely *cannot* afford to let homophobes gain control over the public narrative around monkeypox, and let them use it to once again kill queer folks by denying them crucially important healthcare. :boosts_ok_gay:

I made this. I really shouldn't have.

Thomas the Tank Engine meets Scissor Sisters. I'm very sorry.

New script time. This one is deceptively tricky. There isn't anywhere to hide mistakes 😉

I forgot I did this one a while back.

A quote from the movie Harvey which I highly recommend.


I visited my dad and grandma again and got two more bottles of Moscato out of it. I got into it a bit earlier and think I overdid it. I fell asleep for an hour.

It's still hard seeing them after so much time apart but it's getting better.

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