I'm playing The Skywalker Saga on my Steam Deck tonight, honestly its just perfect on this, such a well developed game too, love it!

I definitely wrote a reply post last night, seems to have completely vanished, is this a feature I’m missing? 🤷‍♂️

I wonder if I’m sleeping too close to my phone, Just had a dream about a tweet that made perfect sense but doesn’t exist, the bird leaves an impression but I’m still not missing it. 👋🪺

Anyone seen the Byte flavour of Coca-cola in the UK yet?

Shopping around for KVM’s, I could buy a new PC for some of these prices, but then I’d still need a KVM 😂

I recently moved house and getting the new cave sorted is still a work in progress, one more bookshelf to build and an oak desk to shorten a bit, it’s taking shape! I’ll post some pics when it’s not a total mess

@nikki I have to say, I am very thankful for this community, so glad you set this up. I had been struggling for some time with the bird and feeling pretty lonely, So just… Thank you!

Mini Mega Drive 2, whatever next, have to say it does looks pretty cool though!

This is so peacefully nice compared to twitter!

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