My collection of MSX computers, you could just collect those and not get bored because of the variety #retrocomputing

Every Facebook Marketplace conversation

“Is it still available?”
“Do you deliver?”

What in earth is going on with twitter? Got my account temporarily locked for this response lol

Hello to all the folk I've found on the fediverse so far!

Just a heads-up, me and @bunty stream regularly on twitch, and we usually toot when we go live (twice a week) to let folk know what weird and wonderful stuff we've got for them that week 😁 If that's annoying we'll tag the toots with so you can filter them out.

Hi! ☺️ I’m idspi, an English pencil artist into video games, sci-fi & fantasy!

I draw in 5B pencil & also dabble in biro, crayon & more.


Hey folks, we're about to stream some Mario Kart with the Top Spicy Crew :) (it's a regular wednesday night thing)

Windows Powershell in Commodore 64 mode, this is normal right?

In light of recent news and an increased interest in alternatives, I've updated my Mastodon Quickstart Guide with the latest info on apps and such.

Mastodon isn't something you need to move wholesale to! Start migrating today!

Top Spicy Crew

LGBTQIA+ friendly community. Lots of retro games, bad movies. Keep it supportive, keep it kind.